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Quanlity control in Hanoi Plastic Bag JSC

To ensure delivery of a superior product that surpasses our industry competitors, we adhere to a strict operating procedure. Every sequential step listed below has to be performed with sharp precision and undivided attention. Every day, there are 2-4 QC members of staff to monitor and quality check to ensure products in each production process are correct and followed exactly as requested by our clients, then move on to the next process. Now we have 28 QC members of staff in total in each of our factories to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
We continually improve our quality management system (ISO 9001:2008) and service to best serve our customer. In order to earn the customer’s trust and achieve the highest possible product quality and service, we guarantee to comply with the following regulations:
1. Focus on prevention rather than tracking down and repairing
2. Develop human resources with professional skills and training
3. Satisfy customer’s demands

Step 1: Planning and designing
Planning and Designing of product. We have a team of well trained top notch designers to help market your company with printed bags. We will then get the customer’s specifications and usage figures to decide on the required raw material usage.

Step 2: Materials
HANOI PLASTIC BAG JSC only buys materials which are internationally certified to meet food safety requirements. All materials: plastic virgin resin, masterbatch, ink, biodegradable additives and other plastic additives are checked by our QC Department. These materials are examined to ensure that they reach our customer’s expectations. The QC Manager will submit a report to the QC supervisor advising of any problems. Raw materials will be selected and mixed to their optimum. They are then melted and sent to the blowing machine to be blown into big mother rolls.

Step 3: Extruding
The blowing phase is the most important process of plastic production. This ensures that the plastics are uniform in thickness. Quality checks during this phase surround the thickness, tackiness, and colour. The staff will be attending at all times to the blowing machines to ensure product consistency. They must control the bag rolls in accuracy size (width), weight, thickness as the customers require and with consistent density in the bag film to promote a smooth appearance. If one of above factors does not occur, the extrusion process will be re-done until all the factors are satisfied.

Step 4: Printing
With the most modern of printers and experienced technicians, all areas of the printing process will be controlled. QC will check the printing appearance, pantone colors, artwork, and printing position are all correct and if one of above are correct, the printing process will be re-don until all those factors are satisfied.

Step 5: Cutting and sealing
The (rolled) blown plastic will be sent to an automatic cutting & Sealing machine. The bags have to be aligned with immaculate precision to ensure that the handles are parallel. The handle of the bag are then cut to the customer’s requirements. The dimensions of the product have to be accurate and will be checked by members of staff to ensure consistency. The width & length will be checked to ensure that they are correct.

Step 6: Handmading
For the Handmade Process (with drawstring bags, rigid handle bags, soft loop handle bags, die cut bags with cardboard), all completed bags from each worker will be checked to ensure that they are correct. If they are not correct, the workers will be re-trained and the incorrect bags would be removed.

Step 7: Finalizing and packaging
During the production process, QC will check and take pictures for each process. Everything will be checked by highly modern equipment. During each process, our QC Dept randomly select and check a set of samples. If any incorrect products exceed the tolerance level, the whole production line of the process will be reviewed.
The product will undergo a series of stress and pressure tests to ensure high quality standards. The handle has to be strong and tightly sealed to the bag, the thickness of plastic has to be consistent and the overall strength of the product needs to be sufficient to withstand the high demands of the customer.
The outcome will be a perfect product that would ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
The workers then pack all the finished bags into quality cartons and store them safely in the warehouse in clean and dry conditions. The cartons will be stamped with full traceability of the entire production process.

Step 8: Container loading
The loading of the export container will be strictly controlled by our QC Dept to maximize efficiency.

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