Flat plastic bags on rolls are popularly used in supermarkets, grocery stores, convenient stores, etc. These bags are made from HDPE, LDPE, MDPE… or we can produced according to client’s specific requirement. Our bags meet all requirements for safe-for-food-contact. So, it is suitable for packaging any kind of edible products.

Its foremost advantage is that, roll bags are easy to tear off and use. Because the roll has perforated lines, that connecting poly bags together. This special line allows parts of the roll to be separated very simply by tearing along the dotted line.

These roll bags normally have transparent color. But, we can offer you diversity colors selection for the very best in unique or custom plastic bags. Such as: red, green, black, blue,…. In addition to that, we always can satisfy the need to print customer’s logo & their company’s information on these bags. It will help to promote your brand’s image and products. It is worth to remember that we can print upto 8 colors on both sides.

For all our products, the color, size & thickness always can be customized according to customer’s request. Furthermore, we can make roll bags with/ without (plastic or paper) core to suit your needs. If customers want to expand the volume of  these roll bags without changing the width measurement, we can design bags with side gussets.

If you have any question about plastic bags on rolls or other our packaging products, please kindly contact directly with us. Our enthusiastic sale representatives will help you with your orders to have high quality products with reasonable prices!.

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