What is Plastic Bags on Roll?

Plastic Bags on Roll, also called Plastic Roll Bags, Poly Bags on Rolls, Produce Plastic Bag on Rolls, etc. They have a lot of applications, usually used for food storage, garbage storage…. 

At HANOI PLASTIC BAG, Plastic bags on roll is made with HDPE, LDPE, MDPE materials or as per customer’s specific requirement. The shapes and sizes, the thickness and the colors are also customized according to customers’ needs. 

Furthermore, we can print your logo or any information on the bags with up to 8 colors on 2 sides . So, these Custom Plastic Bags on Rolls will help to build brand awareness and promote your products.

What are features of our plastic bags on rolls? 

_ Plastic bags on rolls are versatile and suitable for almost every business, such as: restaurant, bakery, supermarket, school, hotel, home….

_ Plastic bags on rolls are perfect for packaging small to large items, from fruit, bakery… to hardware parts, clothing…

_ Our food bags on rolls are made to meet FDA standards of USA for food contact

_ Due to perforation line connecting bags together with bottom seal line, its easy to use and open this bag by tearing off one by one bag.

_ Plastic bags on rolls protect inside contents from moisture and contaminants

_ In addition, our plastic bags on rolls can be made with plastic/paper core or coreless.

What are applications of Plastic Bags on Rolls?

Plastic bags on rolls are highly versatile and easy to dispense. Plastic bags on rolls are widely used for the storage of food, pharmaceutical items, trash, automotive parts, etc. They are perfect for packaging small to large items and provide protection from moisture and contaminants. Therefore, they are used by various industries and for applications including F&B service, medical service, hotel service, etc. 

Contact Us To Be Your Plastic Bags On Rolls Manufacturer 

At HANOI PLASTIC BAG, each of plastic roll bags are made with high quality materials under the strict quality controls in manufacturing. Therefore, we are confident of offering the best quality plastic bag on rolls as per customer’s requirement with good price, and perfect service in sale and after sale. 

For more information of plastic bags on rolls or other plastic packaging products, please contact with us immediately to have helpful consultations from our enthusiastic sale representatives.

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