Soft loop handle plastic bags- an effective marketing tool

Soft loop handle plastic bags or Flexi loop handle plastic bag are among the most ubiquitous consumers items in the world. Its design features soft loop handles, and it’s so convenient for carrying gifs, jewelry, cosmetics, shoes, men- women and children’s apparel. The reasons of its popular is the strong, durable, multi-time use and very reasonable price. Besides, it can be used as waste disposal. The long and nice handles make them comfortable to be used and we can carry many bags at the same time. Moreover, soft loop handle plastic bags are designed with top fold, side gusset, bottom gusset or square bottom which make these bags increase volume.

Flexi loop handle plastic bag is ether made from virgin materials HDPE (high density polyethylene), MDPE (medium density polyethylene) or LDPE (low density polythene) or blends the materials together. Manufacturers can add bio-degradable or degradable materials when producing the bags. The virgin materials can cause the plastic bags many years to degrade. However, today many manufacturers use biodegradable or degradable additive to make these bags destroyed sooner and more environmentally friendly.

Soft loop handle plastic bags should be 25 micron for HDPE and 30 micron for LDPE up to however. The thicker the bags are, the better it looks. There are many different color combinations which contribute to the stylish and unique of your chosen bags. The handle’s color could be different from the bags and thicker than the bags, and these bags are especially suitable for carrying large clothes, boxes and etc. The innovation and improvement in technology now helps manufacturers meet almost customer’s requirement in term of printing: up to 7 colors on one side, total 14 colors for both sides, and ink coverage 100%, especially gradients colors and digital photos.

Soft loop handle plastic bag is an excellent tool for advertising. With the tough competition in the market, intelligent marketing strategies play the key role in the company’s success. Entrepreneurs always try to find the ways of advertising which are effective and can help them save the money. Therefore, plastic bags remain as an idea product to be used in a business company’s advertising product.

By using these bags, company’s logos or messages can be taken everywhere in the world. Because they are one of the most common used as shopping bags throughout the entire world. Moreover, most people tend to keep them for re-used since they are strong, durable and have the beautiful appearances. Business companies can select the soft loop handle plastic bags for promoting the brands. It helps convey the concern toward environment issue while still bringing your messages to customers. The strong and beautiful flexi loop handle plastic bags not only help you to carry things but also the advertising messages sufficiently.

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