Garbage bags

Garbage bags are also called waste bags, bin liner bags, bin bags or trash bags), are normally designed with big sizes in order to hold a heavy weight of waste or big amount of garbage. Our garbage bags are very good quality and totally meet the purpose and meet customers’ satisfaction. The most popular color is black, sometimes other colors: green, blue, yellow, white or even clear color. Garbage bags could be with core (in paper or plastic) or no core.

Usages: Bin liner is quite thin and used for light and clean garbage meanwhile trash bag, waste bag, garbage bag are thicker and used for heavy garbage.

There are 3 types:
– Flat garbage bags & T-shirt garbage bags
– Garbage bags on roll with core: flat or T-shirt handle
– Garbage bags on roll without core: star seal garbage bag, C-fold garbage bag or draw tape bag on roll

Material: HDPE, LDPE, MDPE and LLDPE[:]

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