Freezer bags on roll

Bags on roll – Hanoi Plastic Bag – Vietnam plastic bag supplier

Material: HDPE, transparent
Size: (22+13)x48.5 cm; 6 mic
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All specifications are customized
Usage: Plastic Bags on roll or Flat poly bags on roll are bags that are produced on a roll with paper or plastic core with perforated line easy for tearing. Supermarkets use bag on roll for fresh food such as vegetable, fruit, meat, etc.
Bags on roll of Hanoi Plastic Bag JSC are made from 100% virgin plastic resin and used in freezer conditions well, some people say freezer bags.
Bags on roll can be without core (star seal, C fold and draw tape bags on roll) and also called garbage bag used popularly in all companies, organizations, supermarkets & shops.
Made in Vietnam
Payment: T/T or LC at sight, irrevocable
Currency: USD, Euro, VND, GBP

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